Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour

Handicap Data

The table below displays Scores for your last 18 Tour rounds and Handicap Differentials from your last 10 Tour rounds. The differentials marked in RED are your better scores which are basis for your new Handicap Index. On the left, you will see Total Rounds, the # Used to calculate the handicap, the Average of the best Differentials, and your new Handicap Index.  The columns on the far right display the Initial Differentials and VSGA status for new members. The Initial Differential is counted as a single round until a player has played four tournaments. 

Your Event Handicap for your next tournament will be calculated using your updated Handidap Index, and applying the Course Rating, Slope and Par for tees we play.  The Event Handicap will generally be your Handicap Index minus the difference of the Par and Rating for your chosen tees.  You can access your Event Handicap via the EVENT HDCP page link above, or through the Tournament page on the website. For a complete explanation of how your handicap is computed, go to the HDCP INFO page.

Use the scroll bar in the lower window to find your name. Tour Alternates are located at the bottom of the list. Please note that different browsers may cause this to appear or function in different ways. If you are unable to access the information, email Ken and let him know what's happening and browser you are using.