Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour

Revised Rules of Play Effective 2019


The USGA and R&A have streamlined the rules for 2019 and beyond. T here are many changes and it is important that you take the time to read through the rules and begin using them in your casual play. This will help you avoid possible penalties once our tournament season begins.

Click here USGA 2019 RULES to view the major changes for 2019.  You can also download a PDF file of the complete rules from the USGA website, or access them by clicking here Complete Rules for 2019

It is important to understand that this is a competitive tour, and the Tour expects all players to not only play by the rules, but also to enforce the rules. Each player is responsible to protect the field. Infractions may result in stroke assessments, disqualification, or suspension from the Tour. Consult the USGA website for more complete explanation of the rules.

Additional rules information will be posted here over the next few months.

PLEASE AVOID SLOW PLAY:   With our large field, it is critical that you keep pace with the group ahead of you. All of the courses should be played in no more than 4 hours & 30 minutes. Agree beforehand that your group will play ready golf.  Take a few clubs, walk to your ball, and be ready to play.  Also, take note that your search time is now limited to 3 minutes.

For complete information on rules, visit the USGA Website.