Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour


2019 Tour membership will cap at 120 members plus 10 Alternates.  Once we have reached the 120 membership target, applicants will offered the Alternate slots until we have reached 10 Alternates.  Please review complete information about the  Alternate Program before accepting a slot.  

The Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour is a competitive association which requires players to adhere to the RVSGT Rules of Play.  These rules parallel the rules of the USGA, the only exception being that we allow players to lift, clean and place their ball in their own fairway.  You play the ball as it lies elsewhere on the course unless a specific USGA rule provides relief; or, unless the committee has declared a local rule due to unusual weather or course conditions.  Failure to comply fully with these rules will subject players to disciplinary action by the committee, including tournament disqualification or suspension from the tour.  Please click on the links below to review the rules and handicapping procedures before submitting your application.


The 2019 application is available in two formats -  PDF or DOC. If you have problems, email and request another application.  Please specifiy the format.

2019 APPLICATION in PDF format

2019 APPLICATION in DOC format